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  • Grenadier East, catch March 18, 140 ₽

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  • Salmon of PBG, 1kg+, the Kuril Islands, supermacist, 100% recycled, the manufacturer of Skit, 230 ₽

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According to "NEZAVISIMAYA Gazeta", the government has drafted legislation to replace the historic principle of distribution of quotas on vylov water bioresources auctions.

This perspective is taken into account in the Cabinet documents, including the draft budget for next year. ...


Startups on the development of artificial meat is already in full function and evolve, however, artificial steaks while not particularly pleasing flavors. But with less popular fish all turns out to be much more interesting.

Artificial fish is almost non-existent in the market — at leas...


The loss of agricultural exports to Italy from the Russian food embargo has exceeded €1 billion.

This was stated in the Association of Italian farmers Coldiretti. Was, in particular, prohibits the importation of fruits and vegetables, cheeses, fish, meat and meat products from EU...