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The agreement between the EU and Morocco on fisheries should be considered invalid

Published: 12.01.2018

The fisheries agreement between the European Union (EU) and Morocco should be considered invalid since it includes the region of Western Sahara, has warned the senior adviser of the European court.

The General Prosecutor Melchior Valet informed the European Court of justice (ECJ) that the people of Western Sahara have the right to self-determination and sovereignty over natural resources in the region. He also noted that fishing in the EU waters of this area does not take into account the rights of its residents.

Wathelet bases his opinion on international law, which establishes that the exploitation of marine resources of Western Sahara must have a direct benefit for its citizens.

The Moroccan government considers Western Sahara territory South of the province and seeks to protect her from any possible threats that may affect its integrity.

The opinion of the Advisor follows a decision of the European Court of December 2016, which establishes that the EU agreement on closer relations and trade with Morocco should not apply to Western Sahara.

If the following statements Voleta will be a decision of the European Court, it can resume diplomatic dispute between Brussels and Rabat, which broke out in 2016, when the lower court ruled on the invalidity of trade agreements between the EU and Morocco signed between 2000 and 2012.

Independence movement Polisario argues that Western Sahara, a former Spanish colony that was annexed by Morocco in 1975, is not part of this country.


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