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Type of freezing : Freshly frozen (F / f)
Manufacturers : "East"
Size : 1+ , 2+ , 3+
Weight, g. :
Types of cutting : WH (without head) , Carcase
Kinds :

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Makrorus, or Grenadier, (lat. Macrourus) is a genus of marine bony fish from the squad trnkobrani (Gadiformes). Deepwater food fish.
Body with very long and delicate tail. The head is large, located under the eyes protruding ridges. On the head are well developed protective mucosal canal is located in open bone grooves. Scales covers the body and head. Dorsal fins two, the anterior short, high rear fin as long as anal. The first ray of the pectoral fins is usually lengthened. The color is gray, gray-brown or coal-black.

Makrorus distributed in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, especially in the Northern part, rarely at depths of 150-400 m, often deeper, sometimes up to 2200 m. the Size up to 100 cm are Most common in Asian coast of the Pacific ocean are: Malagasy, black, ash, the albacore macrorus.

Due to the presence of the injuring of scales is used primarily in the form of bessmertnogo of ice fillets themselves and the carcass removed from the scales. The carcass contains 0,75 % fat, 7% protein. It has a delicate, white with pinkish tinge, medium hlopievidnyi density meat, suitable for most kinds of heat treatment (typical white fish). Long thin fillets themselves have excellent taste characteristics. The carcass is well portionwise. Eggs by color, chemical composition, and gastronomic data it resembles salmon. Liver makrorus refers to the exquisite fish delicacies.



The government of Fiji has agreed to sign the Treaty of the food and agriculture organization of the UN (FAO), aimed at the prevention, containment and termination of illegal fishing by implementing effective measures of state in the ports.

The Ministry of fisheries explains that ...


A list of Free port of Vladivostok is filled with new projects. Using the preferential mechanism investors intend to create in Primorski Krai recreational complex, RIA "Vostok-Media".

The project introduced a new resident SPV will be implemented on the territory of Vladivostok. Co...


One of the reasons of such a process may be a global poteplenie

A large part of the North-Western parts of the Indian ocean is a "dead zone" almost entirely devoid of oxygen, and hence life. We are talking about the body of water the size of the territory of Scotland, which is con...