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East Siberian char


Type of freezing : Freshly frozen (F / f)
Manufacturers : Zarya (Russia) , "ICHA Fish" , "Firm Zhupanova" (Russia)
Weight, g. : 2000-3000 , 3000 - 4000
Types of cutting : Undivided
Kinds :

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White-spotted charr — species of ray-finned fish of the genus Goltsov of the salmon family. The brown trout big fish maximum sizes reach more than 1 m and about 11 kg, although most often caught fish with a size of 30-60 cm and 0.5—3 kg (in the river near Ola, Magadan was a case of catching of Salvelinus leucomaenis length of 1.5 m). Differs from Arctic char a smaller number of Gill rakers (16-18, smaller specimens — 12). The fishs back is dark, the abdomen is bright silvery, the sides are brownish with large light spots.

Inhabits the Pacific from the Penzhina, the commander Islands and Kamchatka to Hokkaido. It is on the Kuril and Shantar Islands, around the sea of Okhotsk coast and the Amur river. It is found up to Peter the Great Bay.

Kunja — a passing trout. Residential (i.e. impassable freshwater) forms, she had not found anywhere except in the lake Shikotsu on the island of Hokkaido. The white-spotted charr spawning comes into the rivers and lakes. Sexual maturity is reached at 3-4 years of life at a length of 23-40 cm Spawning in different areas is from June to September. Caviar digs, spawned individuals remain in the river until spring, and then go to the sea. Fry spends in the river for 2-4 years, after which it begins to slide into the sea for foraging during the summer months. During the stay in the river, juveniles feed on larvae of caddisflies and other insects.

Life expectancy congee is 10 years. In the period of foraging at sea and brown trout does not make long migrations, and kept priustevyh stretches of the rivers or near the coast. In summer the Smallmouth actively feeds on smelt, sand eels, gobies, fry of Pacific salmon during their migration to the sea. In winter the brown trout returned to the river. Adult brown trout is an active predator. Has local commercial value and is the object of sport fishing.



The government of Fiji has agreed to sign the Treaty of the food and agriculture organization of the UN (FAO), aimed at the prevention, containment and termination of illegal fishing by implementing effective measures of state in the ports.

The Ministry of fisheries explains that ...


A list of Free port of Vladivostok is filled with new projects. Using the preferential mechanism investors intend to create in Primorski Krai recreational complex, RIA "Vostok-Media".

The project introduced a new resident SPV will be implemented on the territory of Vladivostok. Co...


One of the reasons of such a process may be a global poteplenie

A large part of the North-Western parts of the Indian ocean is a "dead zone" almost entirely devoid of oxygen, and hence life. We are talking about the body of water the size of the territory of Scotland, which is con...