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Type of freezing : Freshly frozen (F / f)
Manufacturers : "Uschan" (Russia) , "UCRC" (Russia) , "Varholm" (Russia)
Weight, g. :
Types of cutting : WH (without head) , Undivided
Kinds :

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Name Weight of packing Price
Price for a delay
Chum 1st grade Silver 22 280 р. 285 р. In stock
Chum salmon Silver 2nd grade 22 260 р. 265 р. In stock
Chum Fortuna MAJOR 22 250 р. 255 р. In stock

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Frozen Chum Salmon

One of the most common types of salmon is Salmon. Fishing for Chum salmon occurs in the Barents and Okhotsk seas, and North Pacific ocean. Frozen Chum salmon if not properly stored can quickly deteriorate. Therefore, it is often Chum appears on the shelves in the processed form. Our company purchases fresh-frozen salmon (the technology of "shock freezing") only on the basis of demand. That is why You can be sure, that buying Ketu in "dalrybkholod" You get fresh and quality product!

About fish Chum:

Chum salmon related to salmon, has a high commercial value in our country. The tonnage of catches, Chum salmon occupies 2-e a place, conceding superiority to the Salmon. Adult Chum salmon can reach up to 1 to 15 meters in length and weight up to 20kg. Often Chum salmon used for Smoking or clogging in different technologies.

Useful properties of fish Chum:

Many consumers are currently focused on the consumption of dietary products rich in macro and micronutrients. Chum salmon fresh frozen meat meets the stringent requirements of nutritionists. An important and distinctive feature of Chum salmon is low calorie and high content of valuable protein. The price of salmon in Moscow is available to any category of customers. When frozen Chum salmon retains all its qualities. Content in the meat fatty acids, various vitamins and lecithin have a positive effect on the whole body. Regular addition of dishes from Salmon in the diet reduces the risk of myocardial infarction and stroke. Chum salmon meat also normalizes the digestive tract. All fats, found in fish Chum, well absorbed by the body and saturate it. In our company "dalrybkholod" You can buy salmon in bulk at incredibly low prices in Moscow.

How to buy chum in Moscow:

Cooperating with our company "dalrybkholod" You dont have to worry about the freshness and the quality of the purchased fresh-frozen Chum salmon. The whole delivery process of products is under the strict supervision of our experts. During storage, transport and handling operations complied with regulatory temperature mode of storage. As a result, You can buy salmon in bulk, in the belief that fish do not lose their value and freshness. We ship only certified product! The minimum quantity of purchase – 1 ton. If You need to buy chum salmon to a lesser extent, You can contact our representative located near You. Addresses and phones specified in section Contacts.



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