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Type of freezing : Freshly frozen (F / f)
Manufacturers : "Marine resources" (Russia) , "UCRC" (Russia)
Size : S , M , L
Weight, g. : 300 - 350 , 150 - 250 , 350+
Types of cutting : WH (without head) , Undivided
Kinds : Yellowfin (YF) , White-bellied (WB)

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Flounder BG Ikryanoye Kamchattralflot 22 240 р. 245 р. In stock

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Frozen Flounder

If You need to buy flounder small or large wholesale in Moscow, our company "dalrybkholod" is ready to offer you fresh frozen flounder at the most competitive prices for You!
White-bellied flounder is very much in demand among the customers because of its juicy and tender meat will satisfy even the most demanding gourmets. Low price for flounder varies from 120 to 210 rubles per kilogram depending on the species of fish.

About the fish:

Flounder demersal marine fish species in the Okhotsk, Northern, Mediterranean and White seas. Flounder has a distinctive feature from other fish – flat body and eyes located on one side. In the process of its development, Flounder, and other fish that swim vertically, but reaching maturity, the fish turns to one side. Because of this, he becomes rough and pale, and his eyes moved to one side.

Useful properties of Plaice:

Meat of turbot contains a lot of protein, which is well assimilated by the body. Also frozen flounder contains many vitamins – A, b, E, and minerals – phosphorus, potassium, iodine, etc. Eating the dishes of flounder, you can abandon the supplementation of omega-6 and omega-3. Frozen flounder retained all the nutrients. They taste best dishes of plaice happen if you bake in the oven or fry on the grill. Also incredibly tasty smoked or dried meat of flounder. Buying a flounder in Moscow, You can cook tasty and healthy dish at an incredibly low price! Dishes from fresh-frozen Flounder increase stamina, enhance immunity, regulate water-salt metabolism, improves mental activity and contribute to the overall rejuvenation of the body.

How to buy Fish wholesale in Moscow:

LLC "dalrybkholod" since 1998 continually expands its presence on the Russian fish market. If You need to buy the fish wholesale in Moscow and other cities, You can contact the head office of our company or any Agency throughout Russia. Cooperating with our company, You will receive unmatched service, quality and certified products at incredibly low prices. As one of the largest suppliers in Russia frozen fish and working neposredstvenno manufacturers, we are able to sell frozen Flounder at the most affordable prices. The company "dalrybkholod" produces the shipment of frozen flounder only to wholesale buyers. Minimum quantity – 1 ton. If You need a smaller amount, You can buy flounder from our representatives. To know the nearest company representative You can see "Contacts".



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