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Type of freezing : Freshly frozen (F / f)
Manufacturers : "Sitnikov" (Russia)
Size : 1+
Weight, g. :
Types of cutting : GWH (gutted with head) , WH (without head) , Undivided
Kinds :

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Salmon BG commander, Dalmas, Amur 22 150 р. 152 р. In stock
Salmon BG Actaeon, Kamchatka 22 163 р. 165 р. In stock
Salmon of PBG, the SKIT ,the Kuril Islands, 1st grade fur. damage 22 230 р. 235 р. In stock
Salmon of PBG, the SKIT ,the Kuril Islands, 2nd grade 22 210 р. 215 р. In stock
Salmon BG Gavrilov 22 160 р. 162 р. In stock

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Salmon — a species of anadromous fish from the salmon family. Smallest size and the most abundant representative of the genus of Pacific salmon .

In the ocean the salmon has a light blue color. Upon returning to spawning grounds, the fish change color: it is pale gray back, abdomen yellowish-white colour (although some individuals acquire a green tint). As with all salmon, pink salmon has an adipose fin located between the dorsal fin and tail fin. Its distinctive features are a white mouth, no teeth on the tongue, large oval black spots on back, V-shaped tail and anal fin, consisting of 13-17 soft rays. During migration to spawning grounds, males develop a distinctive hump on the back, which this kind of salmon got its name. The average weight of pink salmon to 2.2 kg. the largest pink salmon reached a length of 76 cm and weighs 7 kg.

Spawns in August, which in June,the first messengers, comes to the river. Like other salmonids, before the postponement of the calf, the female builds the nest,they dig and fish head and fins, so that the recess formed therein. After fertilization, the eggs are buried.

Fry appear in November. First, they are in the soil and feed from the yolk SAC. In late may and early June, fry emerge from the nest and falling into the sea. A large part of the fry when it is eaten by predatory fish and birds. At this time, they have a length of about 30 millimeters, and a solid silver color, no transverse stripes.

The fry of pink salmon go to the Northern part of the Pacific ocean and live there until next summer, that is, the duration of the life cycle of pink salmon from spawning until spawning is 2 years, which determines the biennial periodicity of number fluctuations. After spawning dies.



Regular report research vessel "Vladimir Safonov", carrying out comprehensive study in the subzone of Primorye in the spring and summer of the current year, was presented at the biological section of the scientific Council of the TINRO.

The study was conducted in two phases, the first wa...


The European Union and Senegal have signed a partnership agreement on sustainable fisheries, which will allow EU vessels to catch tuna and hake in the waters of Senegal.

In return, the European Union will provide the Senegal financing in the amount of €1.7 million ($1.9 million), of whic...


The domestic catch of eel fry for cultivation has decreased this season to 3.7 tons and is the lowest since 2003, the fisheries Agency of Japan, published this month.

In the period from November 2018 to may 2019 Japan imported 11.5 tonnes of juvenile eels, which is the second record figu...