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Type of freezing : Freshly frozen (F / f)
Manufacturers : "Crystal" (Russia)
Length, cm : 25 + , 30 + , 35+
Weight, g. : 250-300 , 300 - 350 , 350-400
Types of cutting : Undivided
Kinds : Ocean

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Char HP large 30+ 22 240 р. 240 р. In stock
Char NR large 25+ 22 225 р. 240 р. In stock

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Frozen Trout:

The main representative of the salmon family of fish is the brook Trout. This fish is widely distributed in numerous reservoirs in Europe. Frozen Arctic Char and loved around the world for juicy and delicious meat. Easy cooking chars merits were appreciated by the technologists, large companies, professional chefs, and also directly with the ultimate buyers. Buying a trout weighing just 1.5 kg, you can prepare true culinary delicacy unsurpassed taste.

About the fish Arctic Char:

Fish Loach has an elongated body with a maximum length of 90 cm and not weighing more than 15 kg. Its shape resembles a fish the salmon salmon. The torso of the char on the sides a little compressed and the entire surface is covered with small scales. The almost complete transparency of the scales creates the effect of "bare skin", hence the name fish.
The flesh of Trout has a pale pink color and is an excellent raw material for the preparation of salted and smoked products. Meat char you can use canning, roasting or stewing. Especially tasty soup with Char.


Useful properties of fish Loach:

Buying fish Loach, the user provides not only a delicious dinner but also the saturation of the body a large amount of minerals. Frozen trout contains such nutrients as calcium, selenium, iron, phosphorus, copper and potassium, manganese, magnesium. Contained in the char fatty acids protect the body from cardiovascular disease, help prevent thrombosis, but also promote elimination of inflammatory processes. Eating fish Loach strengthens blood vessels, improves the metabolism and metabolism in General. Folic acid contained in the fish flesh, permanently preserves youthfulness of skin, synthesizes hemoglobin and regenerates new cells.

How to buy wholesale Charr in Moscow:

The company "dalrybkholod" since 1998, supplies of frozen fish Loach at the most affordable prices. We work only with wholesale customers. The minimum party of shipment of 1 ton. Frequent and regular shipments may reduce the minimum party. If You need to gain a lot less than 1 ton, You can contact any representative of our company throughout Russia. Our members have a large storage space, so You can always buy a fresh product in any amount. Convenient access to the slad provides quality and fast loading of the order even in the largest cars. In the "pre-order" product discounts!
Find out the price for a Char, You can call on the contact numberslisted on the website.
Buying frozen Trout "dalrybkholod" you will appreciate the quality of the product, our excellent service and favorable price for You!



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