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Minced fish


Type of freezing : Fast
Manufacturers : "Western" (Russia) , Vityaz-Avto
Length, cm : 20 +
Size : S
Weight, g. : 250-300 , 150 - 250
Types of cutting : Carcase
Kinds :

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The production of minced fish is one of the major processes of fish processing, opening new possibilities in the field of rational use of marine animal raw materials and increasing the share of marine catches of low value fish.

The process of obtaining minced fish consists of three main stages:

pre-fish for a carcass, chunks or fillets themselves; separating the meat from the inedible parts of fish (large and small bones, skin, etc.) and grinding in this case muscular tissue by means of separators; processing of the ground meat to ensure its stability during storage and the change in the functional properties.

Thus, ceviche is chopped fish meat separated mechanically from the non-edible parts, subjected to further processing to increase shelf life, formed into blocks and frozen.



Regular report research vessel "Vladimir Safonov", carrying out comprehensive study in the subzone of Primorye in the spring and summer of the current year, was presented at the biological section of the scientific Council of the TINRO.

The study was conducted in two phases, the first wa...


The European Union and Senegal have signed a partnership agreement on sustainable fisheries, which will allow EU vessels to catch tuna and hake in the waters of Senegal.

In return, the European Union will provide the Senegal financing in the amount of €1.7 million ($1.9 million), of whic...


The domestic catch of eel fry for cultivation has decreased this season to 3.7 tons and is the lowest since 2003, the fisheries Agency of Japan, published this month.

In the period from November 2018 to may 2019 Japan imported 11.5 tonnes of juvenile eels, which is the second record figu...