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Minced fish


Type of freezing : Fast
Manufacturers : "Western" (Russia) , Vityaz-Avto
Length, cm : 20 +
Size : S
Weight, g. : 250-300 , 150 - 250
Types of cutting : Carcase
Kinds :

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Minced Pollock 3*7 the Street box 22 105 р. 107 р. In stock

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The production of minced fish is one of the major processes of fish processing, opening new possibilities in the field of rational use of marine animal raw materials and increasing the share of marine catches of low value fish.

The process of obtaining minced fish consists of three main stages:

pre-fish for a carcass, chunks or fillets themselves; separating the meat from the inedible parts of fish (large and small bones, skin, etc.) and grinding in this case muscular tissue by means of separators; processing of the ground meat to ensure its stability during storage and the change in the functional properties.

Thus, ceviche is chopped fish meat separated mechanically from the non-edible parts, subjected to further processing to increase shelf life, formed into blocks and frozen.

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